I´m Karina Medina and actually I´m doing an MBA in University of Leeds. I
met Gerard by another reference and he gave me advice right from the start.
Without his help, would be very difficult for me to go through all the process,
and actually being here living this wonderful experience.

He´s very  professional and knows his job and he helped me to pull the entire process up to  the success. I recomend him widely and his recomendations and advices were the
best. Thanks to him, I knew how to apply to the University and get scholarships
information, and he has several great contacts which can help you as

At the beginning I tried to contact other agents and by far he has
the best support and contacts, and he represents the best ranked universities in

Don´t hesitate to take his services. Is really worth it, and will
make a difference in your future career.

If you have further questions  don´t hesitate to contact me.

Karina Medina.

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