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Studying abroad at a truly global University is an exciting and rewarding experience. Choosing where to study and how to find the best University degree programmes however can be difficult without the right professional advice.

You will need to consider subject choice, research and teaching quality (university rankings) and the quality of life, accommodation, student support and location amongst many other factors.

Then of course there is the question of money how do I pay? In my 25 years experience of advising international students most regard this as the key question or obstacle. Well the good news is that most British Universities encourage early applications to give candidates the acceptance they will need to then apply for finance (a scholarship). Sadly many candidates believe, mistakenly that they need finance in place first before starting their University applications-and they lose interest or momentum before they even start. This is the stage you need advice-why? Because the truth is most Universities will make ‘offers’ (acceptances) based on academic merit-finance can follow later.

So what next –how to apply?

The educational experience IntheUK is designed to be intellectually and culturally rewarding. British Universities offer the international student community many hundreds of study options including classroom-based (taught) Bachelor and Masters degrees and research only (one to one) supervised thesis study Masters and Doctorate-Ph.D degrees. To find a place on one of these degrees you might usefully follow the checklist below.

1. The Enquiry Stage

Contact a University Placement expert or advisor – such as IntheUK to save a lot of time and effort.

A good professional University placement advisor should ask the right questions to assess your academic background before matching you with the most appropriate study options. This is a very important part of the process -sadly many candidates have unrealistic expectations…’’I’d love to study in Oxford or Cambridge’’….! With over 150 Universities and degree awarding colleges IntheUK   there is plenty choice besides Oxford and Cambridge-for the average candidate, if you are a high–flyer then sure aim high. The reality is that there IS a university or college to meet most expectations and needs and it is the job of the university placement advisor to find the best match.


Should you choose to act alone and advise yourself then do be careful; you should visit web pages and British Council information centres to research your study options. Talk with friends and teachers that have study experience in a foreign country. Check the many university rankings – though be careful to use the official British Government approved ranking tables rather than the many commercial rankings now available that often confuse and contradict official assessments.


  1. The Application Stage

Your university placement advisor will have assessed your academic background and hopefully matched you with a number of university choices. Be sure to agree these choices with your advisor before proceeding with you application.


Most University applications are now made on-line (through the university web-page). Universities require you to support your application with academic transcripts  (a record of your studies with grades) in your home language with a translations where necessary and academic references. A good university placement advisor will simplify this process for you. To new candidates this stage of the application can seem complicated and often bureaucratic- the reality IntheUK at least, is different. Most Universities have made simpler-streamlined the application process – this in their interest and yours.



Watch this space for next stage of your exciting journey.

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