We are here again another Conacyt beca call.

Please note you need a University acceptance before you can apply for a beca so now is the time to start your university application especially if you are pasante and just  awaiting your Titulo . 

To help me assess your academic profile, scholarship chances and to identify a suitable university programme for you, can I ask that you please can you complete and return to me the simple beca assessment form on this website  as soon as possible – please include when you will have your Titulo and what is your specific subject of interest?

Having  worked on the  Chevening scholarship ‘desk’ at the British Council 1987-1990 and having established the original convenio between Conacyt and the University of Sheffield in 1996,  I have a long expertise in providing expert scholarship advice.

You can see my testimonials at:

I am also the representative and student advisor for  candidates and applicants to world leading British Universities including: Cardiff, Essex, Glasgow, Queen Mary, University of London, Sheffield, Sussex, and the Institute of Education part of UCL-London:) 

I can also assist with applications for Bristol, Kings College, London, Leeds and Newcastle Universities.

My university placement services are free for my university partners.

All my university partners are top 100 world universities and/ or members of the elite Russell Group of Universities (an important British Padrón/ranking) with a strong convenio with Conacyt:)

My job is to work with you (on behalf of my University partners) to make your University application and to help you get a beca. Importantly we need a University acceptance before you can apply for a financial support.

Perhaps we can talk by skype soon to review your study interests – my skype name is below?

Gracias y saludos cordiales.



Gérard Goulé
International Education Consultant
and University Placement Adviser
Skype: gerardgoule (no spaces)


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